Other Garden Benches

Japanese style benches

A simple design, ideal for small garden seating or a tribute piece for a loved one. This style bench is available in 4ft and 5ft sizes, seat width is 8 inch and the height to the seat is 18 inch. Engraving on one side is included in the price of the bench, additional engraving to top of seat or second edge can be included for an additional fee.

Mini benches

These mini sleeper benches are made with the same great care and attention as our larger designs but at a fraction of the size. They make ideal plant pot stands or perfect little features for your garden. Our mini benches are 2.5ft x 1 ft high and include free engraving. Each can fit approx. 10 letters of engraving on each side.

Unbacked benches

Our unbacked design is ideal if you are not concerned about back support or not wanting much engraving. Still built to the same excellent quality as our standard backed benches but slightly more discreet and has a deeper seating area than our Japanese style. This bench has one side of engraving included but can be engraved along each side with approx 25 smaller font letters.


Item & SizePrice
4ft Japanese bench£55
5ft Japanese bench£65
2.5ft Mini bench£35
4ft unbacked bench£110
5ft unbacked bench£130
Painted engraved letters £10
Painted Lettering

We can paint in your letter engraving in a variety of colours, we use garden paint so you can be sure that the colour will last.

Painted letters £10

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