Memorial & Celebration Benches

Our backed benches make a wonderful garden feature or are a beautiful way to remember that special person, event or pet in your life. We specialise in an affordable, easy care yet long lasting memorial benches designed to create a comfortable place to remind you of the good times you had with your loved or during your special event.

We deliver our benches nationwide, please see prices below.

Two lines of engraving are included in the price of all benches, with additional engraving priced per line. Additional options such as engraved animals or painted wording can be included on your bench, please see below for further details.

All benches are available in either a 4ft or 5ft version, with a single or double back piece. We also offer an bench with arms, the design for this bench is slightly different but just as comfy! Choosing the single or double back will depend on your preference for support and also your choice of engraving. On both our bench sizes we are able to include two lines of your chosen wording, an additional line can be included on the second back piece and also on the seat. Wording on the back piece is in large lettering and approx. 20 letters can be engraved per line, smaller lettering is used on the seat and also if more lettering is required as up to 25 letters can be engraved.

To confirm if your wording will fit, pop us a message to discuss using the contact us option on our menu. Alternatively you can leave your bench blank as they look just as good!

Bench Width 16 inch
Bench Overall Height32 inch
Bench Height to seat18 inch
3D Wood carvings

To help remember a pet, or include your special someone’s favourite animal or hobby we can include a hand carving onto your bench to fit in line with your engraving. We work with a fantastic local woodcarver who is able to create a simple yet stunning design. Examples of carvings we can create include animals, vehicles, tools or sports equipment. To confirm we can complete your request pop us a message to discuss.

Image Engravings

We are able to offer basic line engravings on all our benches, these are engraved in and then painted. Any engraved lettering tends to look better next to the line images, so we have priced them both together as a package option. Pop us a message to see if we can include your chosen image.

Painted Lettering

We can paint in your letter engraving in a variety of colours, we use garden paint so you can be sure that the colour will last.


Item Price for
collection or delivery within 30 miles of Spilsby
Price with mainland UK delivery
4ft Double backed memorial bench with two lines of engraving£160 from £190
5ft Double backed memorial bench with two lines of engraving £180from £210
4ft Armed bench with two lines of engraving£210from £240
5ft Armed bench with two lines of engraving £230from £260
4ft Single backed memorial bench with two lines of engraving £130from £160
5ft Single backed memorial bench with two lines of engraving £150from £180
Painted lettering£10
Line image (engraved and painted)£15
Image engraving and painted wording£25
Wood carvings 5 inch x 5 inch (per item)£35