Terms and conditions

By placing a deposit on our furniture, you agree to the terms and conditions set out below.

Us – refers to Magnus Furniture Ltd

You/Your – refers to the customer placing the order with Magnus Furniture Ltd

Garden Furniture – includes memorial benches, garden benches, tables and bespoke garden furniture.

Courier – Our dedicated delivery firm instructed by Magnus Furniture Ltd

Orders, payments & delivery

All furniture orders must be accompanied by a deposit which secures your order for a delivery date in the month advised by us.

The outstanding balance on your bench must be paid prior to delivery and final balance invoices are issued on the date our courier collects your bench which you will be advised of at the point of deposit payment. The final balance payment is due on this date, a delay in payment from you without prior discussion with Magnus Furniture may result in your delivery being delayed.

Deposits can be paid using cash, PayPal, digital invoice, or bank transfer.

Final balance invoices must be paid for via bank transfer, PayPal friends and family or in cash (cash only accepted for deliveries that are not sent via our courier service). An invoice and receipt will be provided via email for any payments. Any final balance invoices paid using any other method than the ones above may result in the monies being refunded to you and your delivery delayed.

A photograph of your finished bench will be provided before final balance payment is required.

Usually, your furniture is made the week before delivery to allow the customer to make any changes, there may be occasions where it is made beforehand.  

A delivery cost to deliver your furniture to your nominated address will be quoted at the time of ordering, the cost will depend on distance from our workshop in Lincolnshire. Changes of delivery address after the initial quote may incur additional charges.

Specific date(s) or day(s) for delivery may be accommodated for an additional charge, this may require a dedicated delivery to you. Please ask us about this at least 2 weeks prior to your courier collecting your bench from us.

Engraved wording must be sent in writing. Please ensure you double check your engraving wording as mistakes made by the customer after the engraving has been completed may be chargeable or non refundable.

Plaques, ceramic photos and 3D carved images are made by a third party, these cannot be changed once made. Please ensure you send across the final photo or wording to be used on the final design the week prior to delivery. Changes after the time of making may be chargeable.

Type and size of plaques may change depending on availability, you will be advised of this to change.

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of our goods to any person which is not considered discriminatory.

Deliveries via Courier

Our dedicated courier service will aim to deliver your bench up to 14 days from the day of collection from our workshop, you will be advised of your bench’s collection date at the time of deposit payment. Our courier may deliver the day after collection, if so, they will contact you to make sure this is convenient for you.

Within the 14 days period our courier will send you a text message to advise of a delivery date 3 days in advance, you will be able to contact them directly to advise of any special delivery instructions or a safe location for your bench to be left if you are not going to be home for the delivery.

Delivery/collection dates may need to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances and where possible at least a week’s notice of a delivery date change will be provided.

Please provide us with the full delivery address including postcode and a contact telephone number at the time of ordering.  

If you, or a nominated person are not home for the delivery or have not left instructions for our courier where to leave your furniture safe may result in your order being returned to us, a refund on delivery will not be offered in these circumstances. Our courier will make every effort to contact you to organise the best way for your items to be delivered.

Incorrect information provided to us, or our courier may result in a failed delivery, any costs incurred due to a failed delivery caused by mistakes in addresses or telephone numbers by the customer are non-refundable.

Please advise our courier if you have any special delivery information, examples include but are not limited to, flights of stairs, very unlevel ground or through a house. Our courier may refuse to move your furniture to its desired location if they deem the area of delivery unsafe, in these circumstances they will leave your furniture outside your property.

Please check your furniture once it arrives to ensure you are happy with it, issues highlighted one our courier leaves may result in a collection charge to return your item to us.

If you are unhappy with the delivery service provided, or are concerned your furniture has been damaged in transit please advise the courier and Magnus Furniture by contacting us using email info@magnusfurniture.co.uk

Table sets, and on some occasions garden benches may need to be assembled onsite. This will be completed by the Magnus Furniture team if required at no additional cost.

Access to your garden will be required, please inform us in advance of your delivery date of any access difficulties/restrictions or stairs which may affect our delivery.


All personalised garden furniture is considered bespoke and personalised to your requirements as it may include personalised engraved names, dates, and quotes.

Garden furniture ordered online via email or social media that do not include personalisation such as engravings or carvings are subject to the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014 and therefore if you choose to return your items you have 14 days of which to do so after your furniture is delivered to you.

You are responsible for returning the goods to us at our workshop in Lincolnshire, you will also be responsible for any costs of returning goods which are not considered faulty.

You are responsible to ensure the goods are returned to us the condition they were delivered to you.

The cost of delivery will not be refunded on goods which are not considered faulty.

Refunds do not apply to personalised photo ceramic plaques or brass plaques with personalised wording .

Faulty furniture will be refunded, faulty furniture is considered one which collapses under normal weight bearing loads and causes injury or has the potential to cause injury. You must notify us in writing of faulty furniture within 3 days of delivery.

We reserve the right to attempt to correct any mistakes or faults prior to refund.

A full refund of your deposit will be made if you cancel your order prior to the week your furniture is due to be made, we will advise you of this when you order.

If you cancel the week your furniture is being made, then a 50% deposit refund will apply.

Any refunds will be paid in the same way in which they were paid to Magnus Furniture.

Use of Furniture & Aftercare

Our furniture is considered rustic and is finished by hand designed to be used in an outdoor area for seating and dining purposes.

Unless otherwise described in your order your furniture will be made from fresh sawn pine landscaping sleepers and pine boards.

Wood is a natural product, and its appearance may differ and may change over time.

Due the variety of screen devices, colours and appearance of our furniture may differ from the actual product, and we cannot guarantee any specific shade or colour.

Our furniture is not designed to be used solely by children and is not a toy, if children do use our furniture they must always be supervised.

All our furniture is made from garden grade timber and will not have a completely blemish free finish. Our timber is green timber and is not kiln dried, therefore there may be some moisture in your furniture on delivery. We recommend it is left outside to dry and not stored inside.

All furniture is finished to a high standard and not delivered rough sawn. We take every bit of care to ensure all our furniture is fully sanded but slight splintering may appear in some areas.

As your furniture dries, cosmetic cracks may appear in the wood, cracks may appear across the full length of your furniture, though this should not cause any structural concerns as very rarely are the cracks one complete crack through the wood. Once your furniture is completely dry it should no longer crack.

If you have any structural concerns, please send us a message with a photo and we will advise further. Any structural failures determined to be caused by cracks will be repaired as soon as possible.

A structural failure is considered furniture which collapses under normal pressure from general use, any cracks across structure of the furniture must show an obvious movement of the main parts of the furniture or show an obvious gap of 1cm or larger which was not in place when the furniture was delivered.

The cracks may become more apparent and may even be heard in warm, sunny weather.

We cannot determine where these cracks will appear as the drying is a natural process.

Your furniture is guaranteed against structural failure for 1 year from the date of delivery.

Structural issues deemed to be caused by external damage, excessive use or for purposes of which is it not designed will not be covered under our guarantee.

Over time the timber we use may change depending on availability.

All timber may show some natural features such as knots and dark marks. This is how the timber arrives with us before finishing. Our sanding and oiling process may not completely remove these features or discolouration. We recommend you choose the cedar/oak or oak colour on your bench if you would like to minimise the look of any such features.

Wherever possible we will use the timber in a manner which limits unsightly natural features being seen but this cannot be guaranteed.

Grain patterns may show up more in wet conditions if the timber is wet, damp or if a light oil colour or clear oil is used.

All our furniture is fully sanded to prevent splintering, it will be treated with a decking oil prior to delivery. We recommend your bench sits for a few days before use to ensure all oil is dry.

Our treatment process treats the wood with a protection against water, we recommend your furniture is treated every spring and autumn.

Where possible keep your furniture dry and away from any damp conditions, due to the British weather being as it is you can keep your bench outside uncovered to allow it to breath. Keeping it undercover outside or with a cover on may create mould growth if the wood is not completely dry before covering.  A sunny spot is the best place to keep your bench throughout the year.

Please follow the aftercare information provided on the website or on your aftercare leaflet.


Complaints must be made in writing and emailed to info@magnusfurniture.co.uk, you will receive a reply no later than 7 days after your email has been received.