Softwood vs Hardwood Benches

One of our pine (softwood) 5ft memorial benches

We are often asked whether we have a hardwood version of our table sets and benches. We can make them from a hardwood such as oak but we feel that the advantages of using oak doesn’t necessarily justify the additional cost when softwood is a great option. So, why choose softwood for your bench?


Softwood is a cheaper option to hardwood, we also need to use slightly different fittings when working with hardwood which increases the overall cost.

Long lasting

Many people think they need to go for a hardwood option for their bench to last, this isnt true. Of course if you’d like your bench to last 100 years with no treatment then choose oak, but not many people need a bench to last that long. With a yearly treatment using our recommended decking oil your bench will last years, we still have some standing in Lincoln in perfect condition 12 years later!


Softwood such as pine grows quickly, this means its more plentiful and many forestries will replant as quickly as they cut down to keep the forest growing.


Softwood is lightweight, this means we can deliver your furniture assembled and cost effectively across the country. Hardwood options are much more expensive to ship, hence you rarely see assembled oak benches delivered.

Easy maintenance

Softwood keeps its colour easier, so if you choose one of our oil options such as pine, cedar or oak you’ll see the colour for many years. Hardwood tends to go silver over time and its much harder to see the colour without regular treatment. Both hardwoods and softwoods crack as they dry out, adding character to your bench!

So, in conclusion hardwood is a good option if you like the look of oak and perhaps want a bench that will last forever. Although if you are wanting a long lasting bench that’s heavy (but not too heavy), uses a sustainable material and with very little aftercare will still last you 10 + years, softwood is a fantastic choice 😁

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