Preparing your furniture for autumn & winter

Have you felt that nip in the air? Its rubbish and I always hate it when August ends and the evenings start drawing in, although we do have warm evenings by the fire to look forward to! Hopefully we will experience an Indian Summer and have some warmer days and evenings in the garden before we admit defeat.

Some of you may be starting to think about what to do with your garden furniture to ensure that it doesn’t suffer from any issues during the colder, wetter months. Your furniture is made of solid pine and has been treated prior to it being delivered to you, if you wanted to just leave it in your garden without further treatment that it will be perfectly fine but if you’d like it to continue looking its best come the spring, we recommend the following:

Ensure your furniture is kept on dry ground

Keeping the feet of your furniture in good condition is important, the wood is treated to protect it from water, but it mustn’t be sat in water for long periods of time. Keeping it on concrete, a patio, gravel or grass is perfectly fine if there are no long-lasting puddles of water or flooded ground around the feet. If the area you keep your furniture is prone to flooding in the winter, we’d suggest moving your furniture to a drier area or stand the feet onto some patio slabs.

Covering your furniture

There is no need to cover your furniture during the winter, the oil protection it has will be sufficient for the usual autumn/winter weather. If you do decide to cover your furniture its useful to check it periodically throughout the winter to ensure no mould has formed. Condensation can form under any covering and may not be able to escape, on those warmer winter days this could be turn to mould, we would suggest uncovering your furniture on those bright winter days allowing the sun to dry any condensation that has formed. Allow your furniture to breath.


Depending on how long you have had your furniture the colour may be beginning to fade, it will still be protected but this is the perfect opportunity to change the colour or add another coat if you so wish. We recommend using decking oil on your furniture, we have tried many different oils over the years and have found decking oil to be the most versatile and cost-effective option. If your colour is fading its much easier to darken the colour using a darker oil than was used on your bench initially, the more coats you use the darker the colour will go. We recommend applying a coat, waiting for it to dry and then applying another coat if you’d like the colour darker. Ensure you apply the oil on a dry day.

You should only need to re-apply any oil once a year.

We really hope we get some lovely weather this autumn and maybe even some beautiful, sunny garden sitting type weather in the winter which doesn’t make us feel as if we should have moved to Spain!

Laura, Magnus Furniture

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