Charlie’s story

Yesterday we had a little road trip down to a lovely little town in Norfolk to visit a very special family…

We first came across Charlie’s story when the Goodwin family contacted us asking about a memorial bench for Charlie’s garden, we then read up on his journey which touched our hearts and we wanted to help. In 2019 Charlie was just 8 years old when he passed away from complications caused by intestinal malrotation, a congenital abnormality. After several trips to the hospital and being seen by several doctors, the seriousness of his illness was caught too late and Charlie sadly passed away.

Charlie was a huge Wolverhampton Wanderers fan so including the team’s badges on his bench was the perfect tribute 🧡

His bench has been placed in the most beautiful memorial area in the garden and we hope it bring the family many years of joyful memories remembering Charlie.

You can find out more about intestinal malrotation, its symptoms and causes by visiting Charlie’s facebook page here

The family are also raising money to support the Paediatric Gastro Fund through Addenbrooks Hospital Charitable Trust


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